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Minecraft Server

Mumble server:

Minecraft server:

Getting the modpack:

  • Download a launcher from Feed The Beast
  • Launch the FTB Beyond modpack.

Connecting should put you in spectator mode by default, so I’ll have to kick you to survival mode manually.

US Presidential Elections Are Broken

The US just held a presidential election, and somehow Donald Trump got elected.

This didn’t happen because Trump was the best person for the job. It didn’t even happen because a majority of Americans prefer Donald Trump to the other contenders. Not only did Donald Trump get less total votes than Hillary Clinton, in the general election, but the majority of Republicans showed that they would have preferred someone else in the Republican primary.

US voters elected a president that the significant majority of them didn’t really want. And there’s a reason why this happened: That’s the completely predictable outcome of the rules of the voting system that’s used to elect US presidents.

The US voting system has a bunch of problems. Let’s go through some of them.

Autotools Video Tutorial

I finally found a reasonable introduction to GNU autotools, in the form of a screencast on Youtube. This is the standard way C/C++ code gets built, and it’s got to be less evil than CMake…