Moving to Hugo

 2020.05.10 -  Nat Tuck

I’ve been relying on the Jekyll   static site generator as my primary way to maintain a web site for a while, but it’s gotten a bit slow on large sites so it’s time to try something new. Hugo   is a very similar tool with some optimization for speed. This is the second paragraph of this post. Third. Fourth.

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SVG by Hand and by Code

 2019.06.18 -  Nat Tuck

This post is an attempt to walk through programattic generation of SVG files, step by step. Part 1: SVG By Hand Prereq: Kate Editor $ sudo apt install kate Simple SVG document: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <svg width="100" height="100"> <circle cx="50" cy="50" r="20" /> </svg> Exercises Ex 1 Paste the above document into Kate. Save it as “circle.svg” Open it in Inkscape and Firefox to confirm that it’s reasonable. Ex 2 Skim the SVG tutorial at W3 Schools SVG Tutorial   By hand, using the Kate editor, create an SVG document with three concentric circles, colored as a bullseye.

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The Netgear WNDR3700v4SH

 2019.06.18 -  Nat Tuck

A couple weeks ago I ordered a home router to run OpenWRT on, mostly to see how the performance compared to just using a mini-PC. The Netgear WNDR3700 series all seemed to have good support, so I ordered one on Amazon for $18. Getting it to work turned out to be a little bit more complicated than I expected. According to the OpenWRT wiki, there are 5 versions of the WNDR3700, numbered v1 through v5.

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RStudio on Debian Buster

 2019.06.05 -  Nat Tuck

Rstudio hasn’t been built property for Debian 10 (buster), so here’s some hacks to get it to work. Problem 1: Get the RStudio Package Grab the Debian 9 installer from here: Install it with sudo dpkg -i <package> Problem 2: Missing libssl Grab the old libssl package from Debian Stretch (This is bad form and could potentially lead to security issues in the future, but is probably OK in practice in this case.

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Tiny Tiny RSS

 2019.05.09 -  Nat Tuck

As part of my ongoing effort to decentralize my use of the web, I’m now hosting a web-based RSS feed reader called Tiny Tiny RSS. This post provides setup info if you have an account on What is RSS? Why? RSS is a standard for distributing “feeds” of updates to websites. This makes it easy to follow a bunch of websites that update periodically without having to visit all of them to check for updates.

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Trying to develop for Ubuntu Touch in 2019

 2019.02.03 -  Nat Tuck

My phone broke, and I decided to get myself an old phone and install Ubuntu Touch on it. Here’s the story of me trying to get an audiobook player working. The Setup Canonical, the makers of the Ubuntu distro, wanted to ship Ubuntu on phones at least as far back as 2010 when they announced their Unity desktop shell. It’s a great vision: Phones are computers, so they should run the same OS as any other computer.

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You, Personally, Should Stop Using Facebook

 2018.06.07 -  Nat Tuck

When you use Facebook, instead of sharing posts with your friends, you share them with Facebook who then redistributes the posts for you. You have no privacy from Facebook in whatever part of your life happens there. That’s bad, but that’s not the whole problem. By chosing to use Facebook as your method to share things with your friends, you’re compelling them to use Facebook too. If they don’t log in, they’ll miss out on what you post.

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US Presidential Elections are Broken

 2016.11.09 -  Nat Tuck

The US just held a presidential election, and somehow Donald Trump got elected. This didn’t happen because Trump was the best person for the job. It didn’t even happen because a majority of Americans prefer Donald Trump to the other contenders. Not only did Donald Trump get less total votes than Hillary Clinton, in the general election, but the majority of Republicans showed that they would have preferred someone else in the Republican primary.

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Web Design: Fonts work now

 2013.11.05 -  Nat Tuck

It looks like web fonts now work just like they were supposed to a decade ago. Further, there’s a good supply of both open source and royalty-free fonts in existance. This is awesome - text-in-an-image is no longer nessisary. Sources of usable fonts:

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Autotools Video Tutorial

 2013.05.19 -  Nat Tuck

I finally found a reasonable introduction to GNU autotools, in the form of a screencast on Youtube   . This is the standard way C/C++ code gets built, and it’s got to be less evil than CMake…

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