• Trying to develop for Ubuntu Touch in 2019

    My phone broke, and I decided to get myself an old phone and install Ubuntu Touch on it. Here’s the story of me trying to get an audiobook player working.

  • SVG by Hand and by Code

    This post is an attempt to walk through programattic generation of SVG files, step by step.

  • You, Personally, Should Stop Using Facebook

    When you use Facebook, instead of sharing posts with your friends, you share them with Facebook who then redistributes the posts for you. You have no privacy from Facebook in whatever part of your life happens there.

  • Minecraft Server

    (This server is now down.)

  • US Presidential Elections are Broken

    The US just held a presidential election, and somehow Donald Trump got elected.

  • Web Design: Fonts work now

    It looks like web fonts now work just like they were supposed to a decade ago. Further, there’s a good supply of both open source and royalty-free fonts in existance. This is awesome - text-in-an-image is no longer nessisary.

  • Autotools Video Tutorial

    I finally found a reasonable introduction to GNU autotools, in the form of a screencast on Youtube. This is the standard way C/C++ code gets built, and it’s got to be less evil than CMake…

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